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New Hayle retail park could be final nail in the coffin for Camborne town centre

By wbchris | Posted: November 25, 2015

An artist's impression of the plans.

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A NEW retail park for Hayle that could create around 1,000 new jobs has been approved by Cornwall Council but critics say it could be the final nail in the coffin for Camborne town centre.

Plans for two rival retail parks had been discussed by a council planning committee last week.

Walker Developments' plans to build a new retail park at Hayle rugby ground, was approved, with 16 councillors voting for it and two against with one abstention.

Yet, immediately after that decision, councillors voted to reject a rival plan from Cranford Developments that would have seen Debenhams and H&M brought to the town.

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The Walker Developments application, which received strong support from Hayle Town Council, promised to provide 1,000 jobs (a mix of temporary and full time), would see a £3.5 million poured into improving Loggans Moor roundabout and the relocation of the rugby club to a new ground.

Camborne resident and former councillor Dave Biggs was one of those up in arms at the plans.

"These proposals are clearly not in Camborne or west Cornwall's strategic interest.

"If there was an extension of Pool as the heart of the Camborne Redruth retail area that would make some sense. Placing a major shopping centre three miles from the western edge of Camborne with free parking will be the last nail in Camborne's coffin."

Another outspoken critic of the proposals has been Jean Charman of pressure group the Trelawney Alliance.

She said: "All I can say is it could have been worse, Hayle Councillors John Pollard, John Bennett and John Coombe fought hard to get both applications approved but it didn't happen.

"I would like to make particular mention of councillor Robert Webber who spoke very effectively against the proposal and the negative effect it would have on Camborne.

"Two other Cornwall Councillors Cornelious Olivier and David Hughes also spoke well against the applications, they fully understood the impact the extension of the Hayle site would have on the rest of Cornwall."

Hayle Town Mayor, Graham Coad, reacted positively to the result.

He said: "I am pleased with the result of the Strategic Planning Committee, and I personally feel that it is the best result for Hayle.

"On balance both of Hayle's traditional shopping centres should be able to adapt and cope with one additional retail park, but if both had been permitted, it was clear that the whole combined shopping area would have a serious bad effect on existing Hayle businesses and neighbouring towns."

David Lanni, a resident from Angarrack, added: "I am delighted that the strategic planning committee made the right decision in choosing only the rugby club development, this is the best outcome for Angarrack, Hayle and Cornwall."

Richard Walker, owner of Walker Developments, said: "I am really pleased with the result and the planning committee came to the correct decision. We will be cracking on to get this moving and we are actively working to take the plans forward."


New Hayle retail park could be final nail in the coffin for Camborne town centre | West Briton