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190329 | Minutes of Special Meeting Monday 29th April 2019 | Gwinear Gwithian Parish


Minutes of the Special Meeting of Gwinear-Gwithian Parish Council held on Monday 29th April 2019 at the Hall for

Gwinear, Gwinear Churchtown, Gwinear, TR27 5JL commencing at 7.00pm.

Present Councillors A Burt D Cupples
                            T Homes R Norman
                            L Pascoe M Pryor
                            M Smith (Vice Chairman) J Tovey

Others present


David Vanegas, Form Homes (agenda item 2b)

  Paul Duddridge, Cherwell Upton Towans Ltd (agenda item 2b)
  Mrs Vida Perrin, Clerk to the Council

1. Routine matters
a) Safety Procedure – The Chairman advised of the fire exits, location of toilets and asked that mobile phones be
switched to silent during the meeting. He stated questions through the Chair only.
b) Apologies for absence were received and accepted from
c) To receive personal and prejudicial interests (including the details thereof) and preapproved dispensations in
respect of any items on this Agenda. There were no preapproved dispensations in respect of any items on this
Cllr Pascoe declared that “In commenting on any item on this agenda I should make it clear that my comments
are based on the information currently available and do not commit me to taking the same position when the
matter is discussed at Cornwall Council and full information is available”.
d) Public Participation. Mr Vanegas outlined the application, clarifying that CIL would be payable on the entire
scheme and that the scheme would be registered for Help to Buy.

2. To consider planning matters
a) PA19/02847
Side Extension Bosprowal Farm 46 Penhale Road Carnhell Green TR14 0LU
Mr T Goss
Planning Zone Councillors Cllr Norman (lead) Cllr Tovey (Support). Cllr Norman proposed no
objection with Cllr Tovey seconding and 7 in favour and 1 abstention the proposal was RESOLVED.
b) PA19/02254
Construction of ten dwellings, (proposed revised layout to provide two additional units to approved
development PA18/06175)
22 Upton Towans TR27 5BJ Cherwell Upton Towans Ltd Planning Zone Councillors
Cllr Smith (lead) Cllr Homes (Support)
Cllr Smith read his proposal to object, Cllr Homes proposed an addition to
the report ‘Any approval should also ensure there is suitable condition covering any flood remediation required’,
the addition was seconded by Cllr Smith with 7 in favour and 1 abstention the proposal was RESOLVED.

3. Correspondence received
a) Cornwall Council - Invitation to Highways engagement sessions. Noted.

4. Other matters requiring decisions of the Council
a) To receive the annual insurance quotation for the year 2019/20 and agree the way forward. Cllr Cupples
proposed quote 3 be accepted for a period of 3 years, seconded by Cllr Pascoe with all in favour the proposal
b) To consider the consultation for the CC Housing Supplementary Planning Document Consultation. Noted.
c) To consider information regarding the bench for Wall Corner. After a debate the meeting agreed to ask the
residents to put forward a grant application.
d) To receive recommendations from the CGR Working Group and agree the way forward.
Map 1 – recommendations agreed
Map 2 – Look at Trungle Mill further, but general principle agreed
Map 3 – Second map option agreed
Map 4 - recommendations agreed
Map 5 – Further work required, majority agreement for keeping current border with possible changes to lose
dwellings right on the border
Map 6 - recommendations agreed
Map 7 - recommendations agreed
Map 8 - recommendations agreed

7. Late or urgent items not on the agenda
PA19/00988-Land East of Greenbank, Connor Downs. After a debate the meeting agreed to ask Cllr Pascoe to
take the application to committee and write a letter to Cornwall Council regarding the application. Cllr Pascoe
advised he had a meeting with CC officers later that week and would be taking the Clerk.

8. Agenda items for future meetings
a) Raised in public participation. None.
b) Raised by members. None.
c) Late items notified to the Clerk. Cllr Cupples asked that an item be agreed for the next agenda regarding
caravans in lay bys at Upton Towans.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.05pm.